In 1992, Nike launched a new Huarache concept. The first Flight Huarache that applied this concept also achieved very good sales results at the time. Therefore, Tinker also borrowed the most cutting-edge design at the time when designing the Jordan 7. idea.

From the appearance point of view, the Jordan 7 inherited the design of Jordan 6 to a large extent. There are too many similarities in them, so it is understandable to confuse the 6-7 when I first came into contact with the Jordan series. The most obvious difference between the two is in the bottom position. The Jordan 7 has abandoned the back palm visualization technology that has been used for several generations, and has done a closed treatment on the back palm. At this time, the air cushion structure inside the midsole has also quietly changed. The front and rear split air cushion structure is no longer used, and it is replaced by a 3/4 palm Air Sole design, so that the gas capacity has also been improved, and the cushioning effect has been improved. It's even better. The tongue and sole are inspired by the fine art patterns of tribalism and African art, making the shoes more elegant and gorgeous in appearance, and full of artistic flavor. Of course, there is one of the most important changes, that is, starting from Jordan 7, the Nike Swoosh Logo has completely disappeared from the upper and sole of Jordan shoes.

Next, explain the Huarache concept in detail. The original intention of the Jordan 7 concept is to improve the breathability of the sneakers as much as possible on the premise of achieving lightweight and stable sneakers. Therefore,  Jordan 7 sneakers using this concept will have the following characteristics:

  1. lightweight;
  2. excellent package (because of the inner boots)
  3. relatively good air permeability;

The Bulls ended the regular season with a record of 67 wins and 15 losses. The finals easily resolved the Portland Trail Blazers led by "Glider" Drexler with a total score of 4:2 and successfully defended the title. Then Jordan wore our Jordan 7 and other superstars to form the world-shocking NBA "Dream Team" to participate in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, and easily won the Olympic gold medal with an undefeated record.  Jordan 7 also became the most popular shoe in the Olympic Games that year.