Air Jordan 11

As Jordan's favorite sneaker, the air jordan 11 is the first basketball shoe to use carbon fiber anti-torsion board and patent leather, and it is also the last pair of sneakers with Air Sole air cushion, pushing sneaker technology to a higher level. The patent leather shape and large area of ​​nylon material also make the air jordan 11 lighter than ever.

Tinker and the design team used high-speed photography technology to capture Jordan's movements on the court, screened and analyzed the changes of the shoes frame by frame, and finally found the problem and decided to add a full-length fiber carbon plate to the sole. This technology, which was originally applied to football shoes, has the effect of preventing the distortion of the shoes and quickly correcting the soles. After the shoes are deformed by force, they can recover quickly and provide defenders with a faster starting speed. In order to highlight this Highlights, they also decided to use the crystal sole design for the sole again. The carbon fiber support plate has also become the symbol of the top basketball shoes in the future.

Since then, it has also opened up a different sneaker design, as if opening the door to a new world. The perfect combination of fashion and actual combat is still a must-have shoe for every Jordan fan to this day. The air jordan 11 witnessed Jordan leading the Bulls to a record of 72 wins and winning the MVP honors in the regular season, All-Star Game and finals. It is one of the most peak designs of the Jordan series.

Air Jordan 12

The AJ12 is the first AIR JORDAN sneaker to feature Zoom Air technology, which provides lightweight cushioning and responsiveness. Jordan wore the boots and scored 38 points against the Utah Jazz, including a 3-pointer during the countdown, when he played so ill that he had to fight teammate Scott Peel after the game. With the help of Peng, he left the court, so the black and red Air Jordan 12 that Joe brought to the battlefield at that time was also called the "sick" color by fans.

Another Air Jordan 12 black and white colorway is the classic boots worn by Michael Jordan in the 96-97 season. Jordan won the scoring title for the second year in a row wearing the sneakers, and his ninth career scoring title. The selection of the distinctive DURA-BACK material is its biggest feature, and with the natural leather upper, the stability of the whole pair of shoes can be maximized, avoiding sprains when the feet fall bare.

Air Jordan 13

The actual inspiration for the AJ13 came from the fact that Jordan was always teased as "Black Cat" by other kids as a child. This nickname hurt the young Jordan deeply. After the designer learned the story, he decided to inject the inspiration of the black cat into the upcoming Air Jordan 13 shoes. The unique feline appearance, as the only Jumpman Logo made with holographic imaging laser 3D technology, is called cat's eye, which can exude different colors and luster from different angles, and present a 3D stereoscopic effect. The large white oval shape of the sole looks very claw-like from a distance. The innovative front and rear zoom air cushion design also provides unparalleled start and cushioning. And now that young "black cat" has also transformed into the invincible "Black Panther" on the court, becoming the greatest player in NBA history.

Jordan in the Air Jordan 13 era has achieved extraordinary achievements, whether it is leading the Bulls to a second three-peat, or breaking the record of "Skyhook" Kareem with 788 consecutive scoring games, these achievements can make the culture of AJ13. Meaning tops the entire Air Jordan lineup.